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Hey there everyone.  I am fortunate to be featured in an article on Wired.Com.  Make sure to check it out!…
I have opened my Etsy Shop.   It is under the design studio name of 3rd Edge Stained Glass Designs.  First item I have made available for sale is the Halo Master Chief Helmet.…

I will look to add a second item tomorrow as I have finished soldering together a new Iron Man Helmet.  

Make sure to take a look if you have any interest.   Also, if there is something specific you would be interest in being made from stained glass, drop me a note and I will see what I can do (time and cost permitting).


Just wanted to post and wish everyone a happy new year!

I want to thank those that have commissioned stained glass pieces.  It has been a lot of fun and hope everyone is enjoying there bit of handmade "geek" stained glass.

I have caught up on the requests and have had a bit of time to make some items for myself and to possibly sell.  The Halo Master Sergeant Helmet has been suggested a number of times so I have finally made one.   Definitely a different shape and a lot of fun to figure out and assemble.

I am working up a new Iron Man helmet which I will likely make available for sale.  It is interesting to see the evolution in this design as I am able to correct a number of areas that bugged me on the first helmet.

I admit I never got around to make the tutorial..... sorry.  I just find I am enjoying sitting down and cutting glass and it is my time to relax.   Maybe someday I will stress over the instructions....

Anyhow, I hope everyone has a great and unusually fun 2013!

I appreciate all of the responses I have gotten for my pieces of Stained Glass art, and thank you all!  I now feel that my ability level is to a point that I am comfortable making pieces for collectors.  I will be the first to say that if I were to buy artwork, I would want it to be the best an artist can produce, and finally feel that my skills are up to this level of competence.

That being said, I have decided I am open to accepting commissions for creating additional copies of the stained glass lamps I have designed.  Each lamp takes 40-60+ hours to mark, cut, place and solder each of the 100s of pieces of glass, but in the end is a beautiful work of modern art.

Commission costs will be as follows (varies based on time and supplies):

Boba Fett Helmet            $960.00
Iron Man Helmet             $910.00
Captain America Shield     $1150.00

These package costs include lighting hardware and shipping of final lamp.  I would expect each piece to take @ 1 month to complete once it is started, and would work on one commission at a time till complete.  At time of starting I would request 20% of payment to cover material costs and the remainder at completion prior to shipment (we can work out the specifics via e-mail).  

Currently I am in the process of completing one piece but am open to adding additional requests at this time.  Please e-mail me at if you are interested in learning more.


Finally my new project is up and on show.  The Captain America Shield took a lot longer than I was expecting but turned out really nice when lit on the wall. Hope you enjoy the new artwork!

I am working with a new website online to display my artwork as well as provide some free patterns for people interested in stained glass.  I hope to be able to do a little bit to keep the Master-craft alive in this electronic age.

Check the website out if you have a change at and tell me what you think.  Yes, the site is a new endeavor but will slowly grow over time so check back often.

Till next project - take care!

With the new Avengers movie ready to hit theaters this week, there has been a resurgence of interest and comments in my Iron Man stained glass helmet.  I am humbled by the number of blogs that have picked it up and enjoy reading the various comments and stories that accompany them.

At this point I am still not in the position to take commissions, though I may (in the future) produce additional lamps which I will make available for sale.  Due to limited time to play with glass, I just am not comfortable committing to a specific timetable.

That being said, I do have a couple things for people to watch out for.  I have been working on another Avengers item and will hopefully be completing it in the next few weeks....... (suspenseful, I know!)

After I complete that item, I am going to switch over to another project and return to the Star Wars universe.  My plan is to make a full size Stormtrooper helmet and take enough pictures along the way to put out a "How to do 3D masks in Stained Glass" Ebook.  I am also looking to put together a youtube video or two.

The other item which I am also in the process of starting is a stained glass website.  This will be the site where I will eventually offer the ebook as well as share ideas and how-tos.  I also have a number of stained glass designs I want to share with everyone.  So stay tuned here and I will let everyone know when the site is live.

Again, thank you for the many compliments on my artwork.  It is a joy to share.

Hello again....

Wed Oct 5, 2011, 4:31 PM
Happy Holidays

Ok, so I am not a very good writer - and I don't update anything with any regularity.  But I had to add a new comment here since the last was 3+ years old.  

As you can see, I have changed my tastes in artwork and have gone down the stained glass path.  I have to say that I am having a blast and enjoying building things in 3d from the ground up.   I have so many ideas as to projects I want to do, but I am limiting myself to one at a time till I get each done.... not sure how long that will last.

I have been giving some thought to possibly taking commisions for pieces, but at this time I have not started.  I don't know what the market would be for these helmets or other "pop culture meets stained glass type pieces" but for the time and supplies they would run in the $700-$900 range.  Anyone have thoughts on this or experiences they might share with me?

Anyway, I hope everyone enjoys my new project!


Happy Holidays

Just wanted to change up my journal entry...if nothing else.  Things are going well down here in Kentucky.  Drawing wise I have completed the Tiger (shown in the gallery) and a picture of my son.  I am going to work on a picture of my daughter and then get back to drawing animals...

I hope everyone is having a good holiday season.  Hopefully the new year will improve everyone's situation and provide a brighter future.


Life down on the River

Sun Oct 5, 2008, 4:22 PM
Pictures and Books.....

Hello everyone who happens to be keeping an eye on this page.   I guess you can say I have been taking a break from drawing for a bit (though I plan on getting back to it soon).  For now I have been taking some pictures of the area and am uploading some Panoramas I have created over the week end.

I also had the opportunity to go to a book signing by Michael Scott on Wednesday Evening.  It was the first book signing I have ever been to and must say that I greatly enjoyed the experience.  The author spend quite some time taking with the audience and even read a small excerpt from the book.

I had recently picked up his new series (a couple of weeks ago) and couldn't put it down. I went out and picked up the second book as soon as I had time. These are probably the first books I have read in quite a few years.  I found that M. Scott was coming to Cincinnati after I had finished the second book and jumped at the opportunity.

Everyone who is interested in Harry Potterish type stories needs to Pick up his new Series with the First book being: The Alchemyst - The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel.  

picture of the book cover:…

Anyway, I hope all is well with everyone.



Fri Sep 5, 2008, 5:44 PM
Life changes and everything that goes with it....

I have long admired much of the work here on Deviant art but have quietly stayed on the sidelines.  There is so much inspiration to view!  Today I made the decision to jump into the pool and start swimming....

A little about me - I started drawing a little over 2 years ago (yes, late in life so to speak).  I have always doodled but nothing serious.  I finally decided to give B/W pencil portrait drawing a try and found that I didn't do too bad.

I kept drawing and got better with each picture, enough so that I was comfortable showing off my work to friends and family.  I even received a couple commissions from people at my work which helped me to gain even more confidence.  I quickly decided to try branching into color pencil and have found a medium which I quickly fell in love with.

My family finally coaxed me into placing one of my pictures into the local county fair and I won Best in Show (Big ego boost!!).

And now were are to today - I made the decision to leave my current employer and move my family out of state (actually we made the decision a while ago, today was my last day at my old job though).  I had to say goodbye to some good people and good friends.   I would often print out my drawings and tape them up on my office wall for people to see as they came in - and I always received praises.

Today I decided to make an active deviantart page so that I can continue to share my pictures with my friends. Make sure to check back as I will continue to add pictures and try to write here to let people know how life is going.  

Till later - Thanks for viewing and wish me luck!